Tips & Tricks For Extending the Lifespan of Your Wardrobe

Tips & Tricks For Extending the Lifespan of Your Wardrobe

In a world where fast fashion dominates, it's crucial for fashion shoppers to prioritise sustainability and support local indie brands that are making ethical manufacturing choices. As conscious consumers, we strive to make our dollar go further and ensure the longevity of our beautiful garments. In this blog post, we'll explore valuable tips and insights from renowned ethical fashion campaigners and influential plus-size bloggers. Let's discover how we can extend the lifespan of our cherished clothing while making a positive impact.

1. Invest in Quality:

"Buy less, choose well, make it last." - Vivienne Westwood When it comes to plus-size fashion, quality reigns supreme. Seek out local indie brands that prioritise craftsmanship and utilise high-quality fabrics. As Aarti Olivia Dubey, creator of CurvesBecomeHer, emphasises, "Investing in quality pieces ensures durability and lasting style."

2. Care Instructions:

Emily Stochl, author of sustainable fashion blog The Good Trade, advises that we should follow the care instructions provided by the brand. As Chris Morton, head seamstress at Clothes Doctor suggests, "Proper care is key to making your clothing last. Pay attention to care labels and treat each garment with respect."

3. Gentle Washing:

"Choose the gentle cycle, not only for your clothes but also for the planet." - Lucy Siegle, author and journalist specialising in ethical fashionOpt for handwashing delicate garments or select a gentle machine wash cycle. Fashion blogger and body-positive advocate Callie Thorpe advises, "Treat your clothing like treasures. Handwashing keeps them in pristine condition and reduces their environmental impact."

4. Air Drying:

"Drying your clothes naturally adds years to their life." - Elizabeth Cline, author of Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap FashionAvoid tumble drying whenever possible. Air drying your clothes preserves their shape and minimises the risk of shrinking. As the Cleancult Team advocates, "Let your clothes soak up the sun. It's not only good for the planet but also for your fashion choices."

5. Storage Solutions:

"Give your clothes the royal treatment they deserve." - Kate Fletcher, sustainable fashion consultant and researcherProper storage is crucial for garment longevity. Plus-size fashion blogger and sustainability advocate, Alexandra Thomas, recommends, "Invest in quality hangers and store your clothes with care. Protect them from dust and sunlight to keep them looking their best."

6. Repair and Alterations:

"Repairing is caring." - Orsola de Castro, co-founder of Fashion RevolutionWhen a garment needs repair, embrace the opportunity, says Layla Sargent, who tells us that mending clothing is a surefire way to make clothing last. It is also a way to reduce your environmental footprint: "if clothes stayed in active use for nine months longer, extending their average life to around three years, this would reduce their carbon, water and waste footprints by 20 to 30 per cent". YouTuber, author, and former costume assistant, Bernadette Banner emphasises, "Don't be afraid to get creative. Mending and altering your clothes can turn them into unique pieces that reflect your personal style."

7. Rotate and Rest:

"Give your wardrobe a well-deserved vacation." - Sarah Lazarovic, illustrator and author of A Bunch of Pretty Things I Did Not BuyRotate your clothing and allow them to rest between wears. As ethical fashion campaigner Aja Barber advises, "Wearing pieces less often allows them to last longer. Mix and match, and embrace the joy of slow fashion."

8. Layering and Accessories:

"Accessorise to revitalise." - Karen Blanchard, plus-size fashion influencer and founder of the blog Where Did U Get ThatExtend the versatility of your wardrobe through layering and accessories. As Karen Blanchard suggests, "Experiment with accessories and layering to create fresh looks with your favourite pieces. Embrace the joy of reinvention."

9. Share and Swap:

"Swap till you drop." - Marie Claire UK Participate in clothing swaps and sharing initiatives within your community. As ethical fashion campaigner and author Livia Firth promotes, "Sharing and swapping clothes is an excellent way to refresh your wardrobe sustainably. It's a win-win for both your wallet and the planet."By following these tips and incorporating the wisdom of renowned campaigners and influential plus-size bloggers, you can extend the lifespan of your beautiful ethical fashion choices. Let's prioritise sustainability, embrace slow fashion, and support local artisans while making our dollar go further. Together, we can create a fashion world that cherishes quality, craftsmanship, and the planet we call home.


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