Eva in Stitches

Sadly the Curvy Design Shop is closed. But happily, you can still purchase from Eva in Stitches by shopping with them directly using this link

Crafting Useful and Fun Accessories

At EVA in Stitches, I design and make household items and personal accessories using beautiful fabric sourced locally and overseas. My goal is to create products that are not only useful but also fun, with a high-quality finish and attention to detail. I believe in using the best quality linens, cotton, kimono silk, and rayon, and incorporating beautiful prints is just the beginning. What truly matters to me is what goes on inside each item, ensuring it is more than just superficially pretty.

Figuring out designs that perfectly fit their purpose keeps me motivated. I love the math and drafting involved and am constantly tweaking and improving as I go. There's nothing more fulfilling than when someone finds just what they "need" for themselves or as a gift and takes one of my products home with them.

The idea that others might appreciate the things I enjoy making, and that they would be willing to pay for them, took me by surprise. I'm still shocked and delighted every time someone makes a purchase!

I put a lot of thought and problem-solving into every purse or bag design, and offering them for sale was a logical step for me to share what I create. It allows me to showcase my craftsmanship and provide others with the opportunity to enjoy and benefit from my creations.