Kingston Dressmaking

Sadly the Curvy Design Shop is closed. But happily, you can still purchase from Kingston Dressmaking by shopping with them directly using this link.

Meet Debbie, the Founder of Kingston Dressmaking

Debbie is the founder of Kingston Dressmaking, a small business that she started in 2017 with a mission to create contemporary and comfortable clothing for women just like herself. She believes that every woman has the right to find fashion that reflects her unique personality, enhances her body shape, and gives her confidence knowing she looks great!

Unique Handmade Garments from Melbourne

Working from her home studio in Melbourne, Debbie designs, drafts, cuts, and sews every single garment on her trusty old Berninas. While her studio may be chaotic, each Kingston Dressmaking garment is one of a kind and frequently made with fabulous vintage fabrics. As often as possible, the fabric used in her creations is from Australian production houses.

Core Beliefs of Kingston Dressmaking

I believe that fashion should be for everyone and offer clothing that is functional, contemporary, and comfortable. They focus on making each piece unique and tailored to the individual, with a range of styles and sizes available. Occasionally, they offer micro-production runs of basics to meet the growing demand.