Sadly the Curvy Design Shop is closed. But happily, you can still purchase from SANCT by shopping with them directly using this link.

Sanct is a values-led brand that prioritizes transparency and sustainability in the fashion industry. The founder's commitment to these values led to the creation of a slow fashion practice, where each garment is meticulously crafted by hand in their own studio. Rather than relying on vague buzzwords, Sanct believes in providing concrete information to consumers about the components of their products. They offer a detailed list, akin to a recipe, that outlines everything from threads to fabrics and trims used in each garment. This transparency allows customers to make informed decisions based on their own values and preferences. With a firm dedication to being lovingly made in Australia, Sanct remains true to their core values that drive their brand ethos.

At Sanct, the founder recognized the need for more values-led designers in the industry, aiming to create a better way of making clothing. The brand challenges the ambiguous nature of terms like "ethical" and "sustainable" by offering clear insights into the materials and processes behind their products. By empowering consumers with knowledge, Sanct encourages them to align their values with their fashion choices. With a commitment to being made in Australia, Sanct ensures that each garment is crafted with care, adhering to their values and fostering a sense of connection to their local community. To delve deeper into their values and learn more about their approach, customers can explore the dedicated section on the brand's website.

In a fashion landscape that often lacks transparency, Sanct stands out as a brand that puts integrity and values at the forefront. By embracing slow fashion practices and providing detailed information about their products, they offer a genuine alternative for conscious consumers seeking a more meaningful and sustainable approach to their wardrobe. With a commitment to Australian production and a dedication to their core values, Sanct exemplifies a brand that is reshaping the industry by offering a transparent and ethical fashion experience.